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Clickalyzer is much more than an ad tracker, hit counter, or visitor tracker...it.s all these in one simple accurate Web based ad, site and visitor monitoring system. This is an invaluable tool for anyone marketing Web sites and making money online. It will help you to convert more visitors into customers and save you tons of money wasted on unproductive marketing methods and Web site content.

Do yourself a huge favor and put Clickalyzer to work for your business right now! You will never want to be without this marketing tool ever again.

Mark Wittkowski
CEO, OnlineAutomation.com

"I've been marketing online for years and the one thing I can tell you is that if you want to succeed online, you need to test, measure and analyze every single one of your promotional efforts.

Clickalyzer is by far the most powerful solution on the web today. The system is jam-packed with useful and powerful features, yet anyone can learn how to use it in just a few minutes... you'll love it!

In addition, Clickalyzer has a strong customer care team that's ready to answer your e-mail and even your telephone calls whenever you have a question free of charge... Two thumbs up!"

Miguel Alvarez
CEO, ThirdSphere.com

" I've finally found an ad and site tracking solution that gives me ALL of the important metrics needed to determine the likely success of rolling out my campaigns. Not only that, but finally I can track the actual conversion ratio of the affiliate programs I promote and not just the "clickthroughs" to affiliate sites.

Anybody promoting affiliate programs that is not using Clickalyzer could be making some enormously faulty assumptions about the effectiveness of their advertising. "

Paul Schlegel
LearnFastEarnFast.Com, Inc.

" As an avid full-time web marketer, I have tested many so-called Site and Visitor Tracking solutions. I wanted to let you know that yours is the clear winner... hands-down!

For the first time ever, I was able to "watch" my visitors with a magnifying glass and see which part of my sales process was getting results... and which was actually costing me money...amazing! I have made several changes already that have increased my results over 130% thanks to Clickalyzer ! "

Michael S.L. Bombard

" In my opinion Clickalyzer is the best Visitor Monitoring, Site Tracking & Analyzing solution currently available.

As an Internet marketer who realizes the utmost importance of tracking ads I even went out and bought my very own service. However I was extremely disappointed with its limitations so I started researching all of the ad trackers and while all of the major trackers have their good points Clickalyzer still comes out on top...

But what really elevates Clickalyzer to the top is that to my knowledge it is the only ad tracker that can trace the complete path of a customer even at an affiliate site.

This feature alone makes Clickalyzer a standout adtracker."

Allan Wilson

"Clickalyzer is a revolution in the industry. Up to now solutions have told you where your visitors have come from. A few have allowed you to check which pages they visit - but you first had to add a code to each specific page.

Clickalyzer automatically lets you see the complete path of your visitor

But then comes the amazing part, It keeps on tracking when the visitor moves on to another site, such as an affiliate site. So there you have it - the complete life cycle of your visitor. Priceless information made simple."

Harvey Segal
The Ad-Tracking Guide
"Sign Up Today to Receive Instant Access to Advanced Technology Available No Where Else, and Everything You Need to Gain Greater Insight into Your Online Business

--Even For Websites You Dont Own!"

Dear Friend,

Of course you want to improve your web marketing results.

What you will read on this page, and on this site, may very well transform your internet marketing results forever. Regardless of how you came to this site, you are going to learn about a brand new, revolutionary technology for anyone who runs an online business.

Simply put, Clickalyzer is an online web-based software product that tracks what happens on your website, and your affiliate websites, and collects detailed information about your visitors that no other software can. It then processes this information through our advanced visitor behavior procesing engine, to show you exactly:

  • Why people are leaving your web-site without buying.
  • Which traffic sources are truly profitable to you (even before you get a single sale!)
  • Exactly how far down a page someone reads.
  • What happens on affiliate websites (even to the point of a sale), and much more!
Setup is simple. Just place one line of HTML code on your site if you own the site, or use a special affiliate link for your affiliate/MLM sites, and Clickalyzer does the rest. Setup just takes five minutes.

Let me speak frankly for a moment. There are only two ways you can make more money from your current online business. Either obtain more quality traffic to your website, or make changes to your sales process that can convert more of your traffic to sales -- or both. If I can show you a way that you can do either of these things, or both, I have shown you a way to make more money from your current online business. This is my goal.

Stick around for just five minutes, and I will show you exactly how Clickalyzer can do this -- and more for you, starting today! Then, if you like what you read, I encourage you to take our risk-free seven day trial. You pay just one dollar, and you can use Clickalyzer with all features in-tact for seven days risk free.

Here is how Clickalyzer will help you to obtain more traffic to your site: Our system will show you exactly where people are coming from, how they found your website, and what keywords (if any) they used to find your site. Our system will then use proprietary technology to analyze in great depth exactly what these people did once they got to your site. These people are classed into groups, each group representing a particular group of traffic -- and then each group is analyzed individually giving you the ability to see how one traffic source reacted on your website as opposed to another. Keep in mind this applies for affiliate websites you dont own also.

Once Clickalyzer has determined this information, our system will show you exactly which of these traffic sources are profitable, and which are not. Once you have this information, all you have to do is obtain more traffic from the profitable sources, and cut out traffic from the non-profitable sources. You simply cannot do this with any other software. Why? Because other software does not analyze your traffic individually. Clickalyzer does.

Here is how Clickalyzer will help you to get a higher conversion rate, that is to convert more of your existing traffic to sales: Our system actually looks at every piece of your sales process individually. Your home page, your order form, even *pieces* of your sales letter are all analyzed individually. Our system then seperates your visitors according to how they reacted with your sales process. Then you can easily see exactly how certain parts of your sales process either helped or hurt your ability to make sales. You simply cannot do this with any other software. Why? Because other software does not analyze your sales process individually. Clickalyzer does.

Try Clickalyzer for yourself, risk free, by clicking here.

Too often we try to think of "online business" as somehow different from "brick and mortar business". If you had a store, in a building (not a website), and if you were sitting behind the counter, you can *see* exactly what products people are looking at, what they are buying/not buying, and you can get a true and realistic idea of what you should change in order to get more sales.

It would clearly not be wise for a real-world store owner to rely on charts, graphs, tables and numbers alone to determine what is right or wrong with his business. In fact, I do not know of a single store-owner which tries to determine visitor behavior according to this type of information. Why should you as an online marketer?

Simply put, you should not. Yet, every online marketer I know of uses tracking, web statistics, and reports to try and determine why people are not buying. Simply put, this will not work!

We Have a Better Way For You!

FREE Special Offer. You could win 3 Months of Clickalyzer, or 10 hours of FREE Internet Consultation with Veteran Internet Marketer, and Foremost Testing and Tracking Expert Carl Herold, President and Inventor of Clickalyzer!

Limited Time Special Bonus! Try Clickalyzer for $1 Today, and you are GUARANTEED one free hour of Consultation with Carl Herold, President of Clickalyzer - and FREE Setup and Installation! (A $250 value -- free!)

Sign up below and secure your chance at winning.

Would you like to double your chance of winning? Just Try Clickalyzer for 7 days, for just $1 - experience Clickalyzer & discover how it can optimize your online marketing - and your chances of winning this valuable prize (and more...) will automatically double!

Just for TRYING Clickalyzer, Also, as a free bonus you'll receive "Scientific Internet Advertising", (a "Claude Hopkins" classic, revised & applied to online marketing by the expert marketer - Terry Dean), plus six additional surprise bonuses - FREE of charge (normally, this package sells at $49.97)!

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Using Clickalyzer is easy and saves you time. The first, and most important advantage we offer, is that Clickalyzer doesn't provide you with raw, useless marketing statistics. From now on, picture yourself saying "Show me only those visitors who came from google, browsed my product catalog page, and stayed on my site more than 5 minutes" - and our reports will instantly change to show information that matches your request.

Clickalyzer is *dynamic*. The type of information we show you *changes* as you decide what you want to see. Our advanced programming makes it possible to *cut out* what you dont want to see, so that you can focus ONLY on the type of information that will help you make better choices in your marketing.

"Clickalyzer is a revolution in the industry. Up to now solutions have told you where your visitors have come from. A few have allowed you to check which pages they visit - but you first have to add code to each specific page.

Clickalyzer automatically lets you see the complete path of your visitor.

But then comes the amazing part. It keeps on tracking when the visitor moves on to another site, such as an affiliate site. So there you have it - the complete life cycle of your visitor. Priceless information made simple."

Harvey Segal
The Ad Tracking Guide

Never waste your time wading through useless web logs, hit counters, and traffic statistics again. This is just an example of what Clickalyzer's powerful technology can do for you. Clickalyzer allows you to plan your marketing based on meaningful information and not on useless statistics.

For every website, or marketing campaign that you have, we will provide you with eight DYNAMIC (the reports actually change according to your visitor behavior!) real-time, powerful reports. These reports can instantly unravel the weak (and strong) parts of your entire web sales process, your traffic sources, and more.

The first two reports focus entirely on determining those marketing efforts that create a lot of quality traffic:

General Statistics - Discover the quantity, and profile for your visitors. In this report you can find out exactly how many first time, or repeat visitors you had and see an actual profile of your most common visitor. For example, you can see what language your most common visitor speaks, what time-zone they're in, and more.

Traffic Evaluation - Separate your good traffic, from your bad. How do you do that? Simple - this report shows you how long people stayed, how much of the sales copy on each page they read, where they are from, the language they speak, and much more! For example, if you had ten thousand visitors go to your website and most stayed in your site less than one minute, that's utterly useless traffic.

Have you ever shown your website to a friend, and stood over their shoulder watching them read it - looking carefully at what parts they read, or skip past? Don't you wish you could do the same for your visitors & prospects? This next report practically allows you to do just that!

Visitor Footprints - " Zoom in" on your visitors and study their exact actions. Clickalyzer allows you to see, with an amazing degree of detail, exactly what every single visitor to your site did! Even better, by applying filters, you can study specific visitors. For example, you could say "Show me only visitors who purchased a product" or "Show me only visitors who read my whole sales letter" - and thoroughly study the exact actions for that group.

The next step after ensuring you receive the right kind of traffic, is optimizing your site. Think of all of your traffic like a "tree". Using these next 2 fantastic reports, increasing your sales is as simple as "pruning" the tree - that is - getting rid of those parts of your "tree" that don't sell:

Traffic Flow Analysis - Follow a breakdown of your traffic's actions on your entire site. Do you know where your visitors go from your home / landing page? This report lets you follow traffic through your site - by dividing it into several large groups. For example, you might find out that 20% of your traffic moves to the Frequently Asked Questions page, and most of your overall sales result from that visitor group. You just discovered that something in your FAQ results in sales!

Especially notice this next part... This is the most sought-after piece of information any marketer could only dream about having, until now - and it's not available anywhere else:

Webpage Statistics - See how each section & each page compels your visitors to take action. Your website is much like a sales department for a large corporation. Each "salesman" represents a section on your site. This report shows you exactly which "salesmen" perform well, and which need to be fixed or removed. For example, you could actually see what's the last part your visitors see before they accept or reject your offer - the very section that compelled them to take action!

In addition to these reports, there are three others focused on your ads, search engines, 'landing pages', and more. The search engine report, for example, lets you tie search engine keywords from specific search engines, all the way to an actual sale! You may be surprised to learn that while some keywords generate massive amounts of traffic, others generating 20% of that traffic actually sell more of your products. That's not uncommon.

And More... Click Here to see our complete features list.

Whether You're Promoting Your Own Products, a Newsletter, a Content-Driven Site, or an Affiliate Website, Clickalyzer is the Perfect Solution for You!

Just think how much easier managing your online marketing would be if you could just throw away all your useless marketing efforts & affiliate programs, and focus your time & money on your most productive efforts only. This is the exact effect Clickalyzer will have on your online marketing.

Clickalyzer analyzes all your marketing data for you and provides you with simple to understand information. This makes it easy to analyze the exact effects of live changes you to all of your affiliate programs, websites, and ads. This will help you to maximize your results, in a minimum amount of time.

Testing is the most important routine task you have, as an online marketer. If you don't test your ads, landing pages, order forms or any other sales copy, how do you know they're producing good results, or leaving money on the table? How do you know which parts of your sales process increase your profits, and which parts reduce them? How do you know which parts actually turn customers away? The answer is simple - you don't.

Don't be fooled into thinking because you're using one of the tracking services out there, you're no longer relying on guesswork. These services only let you test a very small piece of your sales process, and don't even do a good job of analyzing it. This is exactly why you need to test & analyze your marketing with Clickalyzer.

Instead of relying on half-truths and incomplete statistics, try Clickalyzer for 7 days, for only $1. We promise you'll be amazed at the new discoveries you will make about every part of your marketing, and that it will change the way you do online marketing forever.

Clickalyzer is Easy to Setup, Automatically Updates regularly (For no Extra Cost), Available at a Special "Launch Discount Offer", and Yours Absolutely Risk-Free!

Setup is easy. You just copy & paste a single line of HTML code to your website, or type in the address of any website you are promoting. There is absolutely no software to download, and no programming involved. Even if you have absolutely no technical know-how, we guarantee you can setup Clickalyzer to analyze your marketing campaigns in under 15 minutes. If you need help, we offer free, unlimited e-mail support and toll-free phone support ( 1-866-286-8702 please call us if you have any questions about Clickalyzer!) is available to you during all business hours!

Automatic updates - Here at Clickalyzer, we continually strive to offer you by far the best web marketing analytics. We are constantly working work to add new features, perfect our technology, and improve our service to you. The news box at the top of this page is always updated with the latest features & options we add to your Clickalyzer account. you don't have to worry about the hassle and cost of constantly updating your outdated software. There's absolutely nothing you need to do. Clickalyzer keeps you on the leading edge - automatically!

Special: Launch discount offer - You can order Clickalyzer and enjoy the special launch discount price of only $29.95 (that's less than $1 a day). You can also Try Clickalyzer for 7 days for only $1 and lock-in the special launch discount price, so you won't pay more when we raise the price.

There is absolutely no risk to you - If for any reason you think Clickalyzer is not going to return your investment one hundred fold, feel free to cancel anytime during your 7-day trial - and you will only be charged the initial $1.

Clickalyzer is like having many services in one. A complete marketing analysis package for your ads, e-mails and websites, as well as proprietary tracking & analysis for all your affiliate, MLM and reseller programs. It actually lets you track your promotions all the way to a sale, or any other action - even though you don't own the site, and can't make changes to it! Combined together, you get the most informative marketing analysis service available anywhere.

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Click Here to Sign Up Today (7 Days for Just a Dollar) and get:

    A FREE Personal One Hour Phone Consultation with an Internet Marketing Testing and Tracking Expert. Find out exactly how you can increase your conversion rate, cut your marketing expenses, and get more traffic.
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    FREE Lifetime access to Clickalyzer KeywordWatch (tm), A great new tool that enables you to actually search out and use the very keywords your competitors are using. With Clickalyzer KeywordWatch, you can obtain hundreds of keywords in just seconds.
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