Hong Kong Composers Guild

Musicarama 2006



New Music for Harmonicas

23.10.2006 (Mon)


City Hall Theatre

$120, 80


The Hong Kong Composers' Guild is proud to work with the renowned King’s Harmonica Quintet to showcase the distinctive sound of the harmonica.  The King’s Harmonica Quintet is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and has garnered numerous awards at international harmonica festivals.  In recent years, the Quintet has been working closely with Hong Kong composers in promoting original works for the harmonica, and is renowned for its powerful and exquisite interpretation.



Li Cheong                   Café Capriccio
                                   (World Première) (2006)

Angel Lam                   Silk Road, Silk Road
                                   (World Première) (2006)

Mui Kwong-chiu          Colour Clouds Suite (1999)

Hui Cheung-wai            Resonant Snapshots (2001)

Lam Seen-yee              C’est La Vie (2002)

Chan Ming-chi             Allegro in Four Colours – Ma On Shan (2001)

Han-Günther Kölz        Harmonikamento

Chan Ka-fu                  Chiming (2006)

                                    Hong Kong Harmonica Association Orchestra

Conductor: Johnny Kuan


King’s Harmonica Quintet

Ho Pak-cheong (treble harmonica), Kenneth Chan (treble harmonica), Lau Chun-bong (tenor harmonica), Rocky Lok (tenor harmonica) and Johnny Kuan (bass harmonica)


Hong Kong Harmonica Association Orchestra (Conductor: Johnny Kuan)


New Music for East and West

24.10.2006 (Tue)


City Hall Theatre

$120, 80


Concert Presenter: Law Wing-fai


Music For You

Composers and performers, ranging from the vigorous young generation to the well-experienced professionals, will gather at a place, sharing their creative ideas and learning from each other works in an open and poised atmosphere.  The music from past decades, with the friendly mix of Chinese and Western instruments, together with introduction by Law Wing-fai and COMPO, will bring to you a very special, impressive, and edifying concert of contemporary music.



Law Wing-fai               Nature Fragments (2005)

                                    Piano: Margaret Lynn

Law Wing-fai               A Thousand Sweeps (1997)

Pipa: Wong Ching

Law Wing-fai               Mulberry Grove Dance (1975)

                                    Flute: Tim Wilson; Guitar: Clarence Mak

Law Wing-fai               Ink Spirit (1995)

Pipa: Wong Ching; Sheng: Pang Hong-tai, Leung Yan-chiu;
            Cello: William Tsui and Wuji Plucked-string Ensemble

Victor Chan                  A Dream Too Short (World Première) (2006)

Flute: Tim Wilson; Piano: Margaret Lynn

Lai Sheung-ping            Spiritual Touches (World Première) (2006)

Wuji Plucked-string Ensemble

Wang Qiang                 Celestial Dream Dance (World Première) (2006)

                                    Flute: Tim Wilson; Clarinet: Anthony Wong; Percussion: Fiona Foo

Stephen Yip                 Gorintou – Five Ring Pagoda (World Première) (2006)

Flute: Tim Wilson; Piano: Margaret Lynn and COMPO

Lam Kwan-fai              Jing Verison 2 (2005)


Li Kar-yee                   Spring (2006)




Stephen Lam (violin), Choy Lap-tak (percussion), Fiona Foo (percussion), William Tsui (cello) and Anthony Wong (clarinet)


Wuji Plucked-string Ensemble (Artistic Director: Law Wing Fai, Artistic Instructor: Wong Ching)

Wong Chun-ting (gaoyinruan), Lam Yu (xiaoruan), Fong Yee-kwan (xiaoruan), Gao Sijia (zhongruan), Lai Kit-man (zhongruan), Wong Chung-yu (daruan), Yung Lok-ki (daruan), Yeung Tze-wing (gaoyinruan) and Fung Long-ni (zhongruan)


The Meeting Point of Electronics and Choral Music

29.10.2006 (Sun)


City Hall Theatre

$100, 80


Perhaps this concert is the first of this kind held in Hong Kong - a fusion of the beautiful children voices with modern electro-acoustic music. Three of the best primary school choirs in Hong Kong will perform humorous, tonal and creative choral music by Hong Kong composers. The concert also features the latest audio-visual pieces by four distinguished young composers including the cross-over figure Keith Leung.



Lydia Ayers                  Great Spirit Song (World Première)  (2006)

                                    St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School Senior Choir and Electronics

Kitty Leung                  Travel in the Man’s World  (World Première)  (2006)

                                    Diocesan Girls’ Junior School Choir and Electronics

Rebecca Ho                 Dark Haze (2005)

                                    Tuen Mun Gov ernment Primary School Choir

Joshua Chan                 Children on Holidays (2003)

                                    St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School Senior Choir

Hui Cheung-wai            Caring and Sharing (2000)

                                    Diocesan Girls’ Junior School Choir

Lee Wai-shan               Similar Space

                                    Electronic music with video

Keith Leung                  Commissioned New Work  (World Première)  (2006)


Tsang Yiu-kwan           Walk out the Forest (World Première)  (2006)


Finsen Tse                    Silhouette for tape (World Première) (2006)



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Programme and artists are subject to change.


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